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 SR/KA IACV Delete?

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PostSubject: SR/KA IACV Delete?   Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:10 pm

I stumbled upon a discussion a while back of some people talking about doing an IACV delete on the SR/KA motors and adjusting the throttle stop to idle at ~1K. The TPS has to be adjusted back to stock closed voltage (0.45V?)

Searching didn't help much besides the occasional comments on other forums.

I have heard other SR owners mentioning that these idle control motors are unreliable, and I have one that seems to have some issues myself.

Cold start idle and such will be affected, but how is drivability once the engine is warm?
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PostSubject: Re: SR/KA IACV Delete?   Sun Jul 29, 2012 7:57 am

That just sounds like a poor idea. If you move the throttle plate stop and adjust the TPS back down to a closed throttle voltage, all you're going to do is mess with A/F ratios and confuse the computer (possibly setting lean codes, causing the engine to run rich). You are basically creating a vacuum leak.
As unreliable as people say they may be, they were still good enough for Nissan to ship them out on their engines. Call me crazy, but I've been working on cars before most of these geniuses were walking. 2cents

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PostSubject: Re: SR/KA IACV Delete?   Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:51 am

This is only done if you only using the car at the track only. This is the worst idea you can come up with you even remotely want to drive it on the street. The idle is never really set and fluctuates all the time all over the board. The car will die on you every time you stop if your not paying attention. For as shitty as the oem iacv is. Its still 100000 times better than having sit anywhere and keep your foot in it just so it doesnt stall out on you. And the drill a small pin hole the butterfly doesnt work either so dont waste your time. If you dont want to believe anyone how bad it really is. Then go unplug and try to drive somewhere. This is from personal experience, its a bad idea.

There is no cold start idle when gone, and even with the motor warm, it still wont. Its the only thing on the motor that keeps a steady idle.
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PostSubject: Re: SR/KA IACV Delete?   Sun Jul 29, 2012 12:53 pm

Agreed with both of the above. Great way to further not drive your car...its almost never fails, and OMG, god forbid it does...fix it like a normal person?

I wouldn't re-engineer such an important and mildly complex system that would further enhance my car sitting in the garage on jackstands.

But I like driving my car everyday, maybe others dont?
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PostSubject: Re: SR/KA IACV Delete?   

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SR/KA IACV Delete?
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